Wildcard DNS Proxy

I am working on a simple web app which requires wildcard DNS proxy support. I know this features is available in enterprise plan only. Since I am doing this in a individual capacity I don’t need any other enterprise features except this. Is there a way for me to get this feature alone ? If enterprise plan is my only option what is the minimal price of it ?

For enterprise pricing you have to talk to sales.

The alternative would be to just use the API to create the individual records. There is a limit of 1000 records on free plans, 3500 on paid plans. Anything beyond that would need an Enterprise plan also, so this might be an option for you.

Is it only 200 on free plan. I saw in another thread that it is 1000. Was it reduced now ?

I don’t know if it was changed, but the limit at present is documented here.

That might be an Import limit, and not a total limit.

It used to be listed on an FAQ as 3,500 for all account types, but I cannot find that reference now. Need to do a test at my desk to see what happens.

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There were indeed changes to the number of records by plan type. The current limits are those you linked to. :slight_smile:

Some API scripts later:

Using the API I can create 1000 records on free account.
Using the GUI I can import 200 records.


Thanks a lot for spending your time in testing this. I think for now I will go for pro plan then.

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