Wildcard DNS entry for cloudflare pages

Since Cloudflare supports proxying wildcard dns records for everyone now, It would be nice to have wildcard sub-domains on Cloudflare Pages.


I agree and I looked into implementing this a little bit ago. We have a few hurdles to get over before we can but it’s definitely something we want to support soon!


Cloudflare has supported wildcard proxying for about 3-4 years already, including for free accounts.

Not a solution to Pages itself but a temporary workaround is to use a Worker in front of your Cloudflare Pages website.

@WalshyMVP said that native support for wildcard on Cloudflare Pages should be coming soon so thats great news! In the meantime I just wanted to mention to you a workaround if this is necessarily holding up your project.

No. It was allowed only on enterprise plan or when you use a load balancer until last week.

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