Wildcard CNAME entry doesn't resolve for `mail` subdomain

We use a wildcard CNAME entry pointing to the root of the domain, but for the mail subdomain it didn’t resolve correctly. The only difference is a TXT entry for verification and an MX record.
Setting a CNAME record for that domain, fixed the issue.

Why would a wildcard CNAME not work for a subdomain that doesn’t have any A, AAAA or CNAME entries, but just a TXT and MX one?

Wildcard records are used for names that don’t exist. Once you create a TXT record for mail, that name now exists, so the specific entry for it will be used instead.

Creating a CNAME on mail means to use the entry it’s pointing to instead, which will invalidate the TXT and MX records. If you have a CNAME for a hostname, you can’t have other entries for that name as well.


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