Wifi interference with my cloudflare installed website

Since setting up the Cloudflare on my laptop for one of my websites, there are issues (1)Note: My Cloudflare installed website and my other websites that are not with Cloudflare installed are always connected to my cable modem for many years -no need for the Wi-Fi as an Internet connection. But since having the Cloudflare installed in one of my website, that website works only when my Xfiniti Wi-Fi is connected and then the Wi-Fi drops on its own and I have to get it reconnected again to reload that website with Cloudflare installed. Note 2: All my other websites are still working on its cable modem connectivity on my laptop and they are not affected by the Wi-Fi to work. I am going crazy here. There is a ticket opened with Cloudflare for the past 2 months and they also still seem to be confused . So I am taking this to the Forum for any help or suggestions. I am all ears.

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