Wierd DNS issue I cannot figure out

Hello, I am quite novice at this so this is (probably) a dumb issue but:

My website, armagoons.com, cannot be reached through the domain name. The a record with the correct IP has been created.
The website works since it’s reachable by directly entering the ip address, the pages load perfectly.
A test version on a subdomain also works perfectly.

What could cause this issue? This is a screenshot of the DNS settings, everything except the main armagoons.com domain is working (and I guess the www record isn’t working either).


What do you mean by that? Your site loads just fine on www.armagoons.com. There is an issue with armagoons.com as that only returns a directory listing, however that is something you need to fix on your server and is not Cloudflare related.

Another issue, your server isnt configured for SSL. If you want your site to be accessible via HTTPS as well, you’d need to do that too.

Thanks for the quick reply!

It seems you are right, the browser is putting https:// in front of truncated URLs and thus causing an error because of the lack of an SSL certificate.

I’ll get to work on that tomorrow, in the meantime I’m trying to set up an https redirect to http.

Thanks again!

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