Widget Configuration

Good day people. Please how can I configure or implement a widget code on cloudflare add-on and I want it to go live on my website (Just Plug and Play Layout)

For instance, maybe there is a ready made add-on on cloudflare that will make my widget to go live instantly Or a section around cloudflare dashboard that does that please.

I am not a guru in web development. Thanks!


I haven’t heard for this before.
Maybe you want something to change in some of the Cloudflare Apps you are using?

From below link “Widgets & Plugins apps”:

I really do not know, which widget?

If you have added your domain name to your Cloudflare account, you can use Cloudflare Apps / Widgets.

I believe it could depend if there actually are some options available and if it is allowed for a specific App or a Widget to configure and/or change something different from “default” options, if so.

Hello Fritex, thanks for your support.

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