Why would you charge me monthly for a certificate

I mean, the topic says it all. Once the cert is generated, why am I being charged? A one-time cert has a one-time fee. Please disable any fees from here on out.

I assume you are talking about advanced cert manager? It’s not a single cert getting charged monthly its the service of ACM being charged monthly. And you can just use the free universal ssl cert instead of generating custom certs via ACM.


This site is just a hobby site that I’m hosting from my lab. When setting up certificates for it, I was under the impression by what was displayed to me that I was buying a certificate.

How do you disable w/e is costing a monthly fee? How do I remove my CC details from the portal?

Certificates aren’t charged any fee, unless you manually subscribed to Advanced Certificate Manager as @garretcharp mentioned.

What charge are you seeing?


Cloudflare provide Universal SSL for all our customers at no charge. You may be referring to the Advanced Certificate Manager.

You can cancel the subcription:

and delete your payment method:

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