Why would Cloudflare DNS have an A record for ns1 & ns2?

I’ve recently taken over a site that uses Cloudflare. I’m used to seeing A records in Cloudflare for things like the domain and www in Cloudflare from other sites, but this one has the following set-up (obviously not the real IP I’m putting here)

A ns1
A ns2

It seems to make no sense to me to have these A records configured in Cloudflare.

FTP is also set up as:

A ftp

So I’m thinking all of this is a hangover from an old DNS configuration as the IP for the live website server is completely different.

A records for domain.co.uk and www point to the correct server that is hosting the website.

Or am I missing a reason you would have A records set up like this?

Hope someone can make sense of this!


Yes, when you add a domain Cloudflare scans it for the most common record names and imports them. This will have been the case here. If you need these records you should keep them, if not, then not :slight_smile:

As @sandro mentioned, those probably came from the old setup and are most likely no longer valid. The only reason one would have such records is if they ran DNS for other domains that had set ns1.yourdomain to be their name server(s).

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