Why wordpress theme was automatically initialized?


My wordpress theme setting was automatically initialized.Why?

I captured the picture,Please confirm:

Actually,this problem happened last Wednesday.

And same problem happend today.

I’m using Cloud flare.

My server is Globat.

I want this trouble will never happen.

Cloudflare is not related this problem?


They do look different. How did you get it back to the right look?


My site appearance turned to this URL abruptly:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LZaevFfO7YRmGdp5WKKYAWZ_hn_6_tBb 2

And I restored it to currently status.

Then,I asked to the developer of this theme.

They said ,Probably problem with cloudflare.


That is close to impossible, Cloudflare does not have any access to your server. I’d suggest to get a better developer :wink:


How did you restore it to its current status?


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