Why WHOIS Lookup is using my site as Proxied on A Record?

I am just wondering why WHOIS Lookup is using my site as Proxied, and who did placed that? Isn’t it on A record (Proxied) my IP Address should be placed?

Please help explain, thanks so much.


Thank you for asking.

When doing a WHOIS or a DNS lookup of a proxied (orange cloud) hostname or a domain using Cloudflare, the returned IPv4, and IPv6 addresses would likely show as being in the US, however, this doesn’t mean you and your traffic are routed through the US.

Cloudflare is an anycast network and has many servers around the World, meaning the network/web traffic would go through the closest possible and fastest available Cloudflare Edge point (datacenter) to the website visitor (you) to serve the web content.

Regarding checking through which Cloudflare colocation you are connecting and being routed while visiting some website on the Cloudflare network, or your own, there is a simple way to check this.

Kindly, I would like you to double-check and reply here with the output results by opening your domain in your Web browser, therefore adding the /cdn-cgi/trace/ to the URL. The end URL should look like mydomain.com/cdn-cgi/trace/. Paste the output here in a reply.
The “colo=” parameter, which contains the three-letter, indicates one of the Cloudflare network edges through which you are being routed now regarding multiple facts.
The three letters are a name for the city, which could be checked by visiting the Cloudflare Status Page.

Otherwise, it could happen that our network traffic is being differently routed, but that could depend on the peering of our local ISP provider.

Helpful articles about the above cases can be read at the link below:

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