Why when I test in DNS Checker are there sites with Cloudflare that have DNS type AAAA and sites that have only DNS type A?

My site has Cloudflare and it is not so fast. When I test it in DNS Checker, it has only type A propagation, while other sites that load the page instantly always have this DNS AAAA (like onlinemediamasters com) .

I would like to understand if this is some Cloudflare setting that I need to activate, if it has to do with the higher Cloudflare plans or if it has to do with my hosting?

How do I activate this AAAA-like DNS to propagate to Cloudflare servers around the world?

Go to Cloudflare Dashboard > Network and check your setting for IPv6 compatibility. If it’s turned off, toggle it back on. (In that case, you won’t be able to turn it back off again.)


Just to add, only A, AAAA and CNAME records that are :orange: on the dashboard will automatically get both A and AAAA addresses via Cloudflare. Anything that is :grey: will not get the automatic IPv6 support.

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