Why, we cannot edit on Zone lockdown even before we can

Dear Cloudflare,

We have two concern on,

  1. I would like you help to check on Zone Lockdown setting. Yesterday 27-Feb-2022, I could edit on Zone Lockdown as usual but now when i checked, it required to upgrade to Pro? So, we could not do anything on it now.
  2. Normally, we could check full graph detail about which source from to our destination on setting View of Firewall. but now we could not check it detail as usual.

Please help to check for us asap.

The maximum amount of zone lockdown rules allowed per account is based on plan type:

  • Free : 0
  • Pro : 3
  • Business : 10
  • Enterprise : 200

Firewall Analytics is available at Firewall > Overview .

The available features vary according to your Cloudflare plan:

Feature Free Pro Business Enterprise
Dashboard features Activity log only All except DoS All except DoS All
Time window Up to last 24 hours Up to last 24 hours Up to last 72 hours Up to last 30 days
Print report Yes Yes Yes
Export records Up to 500 events Up to 500 events
L4 DoS attacks mitigated Last 7 days

You can find your 1 Question Detailed Answer By Clicking Here

You can find your 2 Question Detailed Answer By Clicking Here

Sorry for the Delay

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