Why was my post flagged and removed for "Moderator attention"?

Ok, so I had made a post (topic) that was flagged and hidden for “Moderator attention”!

Additionally, the post was marked as “Unlisted” so it’s only viewable via my DM (which only mods/admins can access) and the link below is the only other way to access the post!


I know it contains swear words, but I had to bring attention to words that were not blacklisted (and that needed to be blacklisted) so I don’t see the point in hiding and making the post “Unlisted”

Also, there isn’t a callout above the post (which sometimes helps tell you why a post is flagged and hidden), so why was the post hidden? More importantly, what’s the purpose of hiding that post! I was just trying to bring moderator attention to words that need to be blacklisted!

I hope to receive a reply back on why it was flagged and hidden!

Is there a problem with profanity on this forum I missed?

You’re asking why a post filled with profanity would be flagged and removed as though the answer weren’t in the question… :facepalm:


facepalms in frustration and realizing Ok, yeah I realize I was just stupid to make that post and that it deserved to be flagged and hidden!

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