Why was I charged 1 month before?

I have a domain with cloudflare. I got an email 30 Day Domain Renewal Notice
from cloudflare

  • domain expires on Fri, Jun 16th, 2023 and is set to autorenew

Domains set to auto-renew will automatically renew 30 days prior to expiration.

I missed they charge 30 days before, I setup a reminder for myself to initiate transfer process in first week of June as I intended to transfer to porkbun.

Is there a way to get this renewal cancelled/refunded, so I can still initiate the transfer request from porkun, while not paying to both cloudfalre and porkbun?


You can still transfer a domain. You may need to pay a transfer fee, but you wont need to pay a renewal fee. You won’t need to pay both Cloudflare and Porkbun.

You can’t transfer an expired domain.

Thank you.

My question is, would cloudflare refund me $9 USD, and what is the process?

Also, I guess I get unlimted email forwards to my gmail from cloudflare, is that worth with porkbun? Just looking for advantages in doing so.

open a billing ticket and share the number on this thread, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support. The team does not issue refunds in instances where there is no fault in the service, but they may be able to cancel the renewal if you contact them.

Email Routing is not Registrar dependent.

Just curious, how much is a 1 year renewal at porkbun? I just transferred in a domain where godaddy wanted $18 a year and cf $6.

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I guess porkbun has some limitation of forwards for up 20 emails. not sure if its 20 email forwards (the number of forwards), or 20 email accounts that can be setup for unlimited forwarding.

I think I might stick to cloudflare. if something breaks, my business account will suffer.

porkbun is cheap, way cheaper than godaddy, you can expect 50% lesser with free domain privacy and SSL certificate

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