Why the DNS showing errors?

Hi, I changed my domain to a subdomain to use Clickfunnels. Since then, my emails stopped sending and receiving. I’ve been in contact with Cloudflare support for a week now, and did what they advised me to do and still the emails are not working.

What should I do?

Cloudflare Support are not responding nor my emails :frowning:

It looks like Clickfunnels sets up web pages for you, correct?

What have you tried so far? I expect it would be some sort of CNAME setup for a subdomain of yours.

changed the NameServers and the CNAMEs
ClickFunnels helped in the setup.

BUT now it seems that even my subdomain is not working again.
I’m just tired of this issue. It’s been 2 weeks now in this headache :frowning:

Your nameservers no longer point to Cloudflare.