Why such an intensive slow mode period?

Ok, so I made this topic 3 days ago, it has been put on slow mode 4 different times! The first slow mode was 15 minutes, then it was extended to 1 hour, then 2 hours, now it’s 3 days between posts! Personally, if you ask me, I think that’s quite excessive! So here’s what I’m requesting/asking

  1. The topic’s slow mode period is reduced to something that makes sense (like 3 hours between posts, but the choice is ultimately up to y’all), but I don’t want it to be a time period that’s insanely stupid (like 3 days)!

  2. Why was the topic put on such a long slow mode period? I mean, the original slow mode topic period was better than it is now!

I hope to receive a reply back on this matter!

The three days wasn’t me :wink: but the other values were.

Reason why I placed the slow mode in the first place was that the thread became a bit too popular :wink:. As some here know, I most definitely appreciate if the community turns into a proper community where we are not just a cheap additional service desk and have threads also on other, more mundane topics.

Though that does not necessarily mean we need one thread on a rather limited subject, where we are posting as many “funny pictures” as possible in quick succession. Memes can be nice, but especially in the context of Cloudflare there will be only that many real fun opportunities and forcing memes won’t be necessarily funny.

That being said, a posting interval of days is possibly a bit too much, given everyone shows self restraint :slight_smile:

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I did lift the limit for the time being, let’s see if we can keep the thread on a reasonable basis :wink:. I (and probably everyone else with the right permission) do reserve the right to enable slow mode again at any time :slight_smile:

I’d also reiterate in this context

Memes should be used like salt. You don’t pour the entire shaker over your meal :slight_smile:

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In that context




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