Why subdomain is not found?

All is in the title.

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Thnank you Cloonan for the response.

The domain: aladecouverte . com I am the owner.
The subdomain: quebec . aladecouverte . com
expected result: seeing quebe c .aladecouverte . com
actual result: page is not redirect correctly (my translation. The browser is french)
steps I have teken: nothing so far.
specific error message: page not correctly redirected.
I did not contact customer support.

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ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is usually caused by having flexible as your SSL setting in Cloudflare. Try changing it to Full (strict).

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Thank you Laudian

I did it. The problem remain.

The error message is not ’ ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS’ But “page not correctly redirected.”

I cannot confirm that. quebec.aladecouverte.com now works for me.


You are wright. Maybe the problem was my browser. At any rate, thank you for your precious help.

This community is way better than any support service. I got help, explanation and my knowledge improve. Thank’s

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