Why subdomain A record removes continuously?

I’ve added my subdomain A record to Cloudflare several time. Each time I add that, It removes after few hours. I’ve added 10 times now. I need a solution of this. Help me if anyone of you can!

If records change (or are removed) at all then you should see it in https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/audit-log & it’ll tell you who/what did it.

Click on one of the Rec del records - it’ll tell you which IP did it, if it was done through the UI or not, etc

How do I know if It’s AI or a person?

See what details are in the audit log - if it’s your IP and says the Interface is UI, it’s implying that you deleted it yourself in the dashboard.

There I can see the latest Delete
Ip was not mine and interface - API
What now?

If the user is you then the API key is associated with your user - so you must have setup some service that’s managing your DNS with an API key.


You can view your current API keys (and cycle your Global API Key here) - if you’re confident that you’re not using the API anywhere (think of any automated services, like software that updates records for dynamic IPs) then remove/cycle your keys to see if it continues.

Yea To connect and optimize my site speed, I’ve added my API to W3 cache plugin.
Is that causing issue?

Records are still removing. Is there any task I can do to Prevent it?

Change the API key to break an unknown tool or remove whatever tool is deleting the record or configure it not to delete the record.


Are you using Ezoic by any chance @SISayeed?


Yes I’m using Ezoic
What’s the issue there?

@cloonan what should I do? Cloudflare account is connected with w3 cache plugin and ezoic.

Disable Ezoic or talk to their support. The change is being made by a tool you authorized.

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@cscharff I just disabled ezoic settings.

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