Why some hosting website was not open when use cloud flare

in some hosting company was say remove cpoudflare and use direct our dns point why they why not working.

and sometime showing redirection error.

I am not familiar with this statement from any of my previous and current hosting providers. Maybe, you may need to allow Cloudflare to connect to the host origin/server?

I assume, even the hosting company unfortunately doesn’t know much about how Cloudflare works, so if anything doesn’t work they automatically blame the Cloudflare and their customer with the instructions as you written “to switch back”, to make sure any further issues wouldn’t appear.

Or, they are a bit of lazy to read few articles about it like the one below:

Or some other reason why :thinking:

Loads fine for me.

But, regarding redirection error, maybe it could be due to an SSL option being selected and used at Cloudflare dashboard under the SSL/TLS tab, like Flexible SSL, etc.

If so, kindly re-check which SSL option have you got selected.

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