Why should we use Cloudflare?

Hi Team

We have been using Cloudflare for last 2 months and we don’t find any differences so far.

Still we are unsure why should we use Cloudflare. Does anyone have an idea?

It varies from person to person, site to site. Some use cloudflare for faster delivery of their content, some for security, some for the more specialized services we offer for images or video or just simply to better control their web property.

Other things we’ve seen mentioned on this are:

  1. Improved performance: Cloudflare has a network of data centers around the world that cache static content, reducing the load on your server and making your site load faster for users no matter where they are located.
  2. Enhanced security: Cloudflare provides a range of security features like DDoS protection, a Web Application Firewall, and SSL encryption to help keep your website secure.
  3. Reliable uptime: By routing traffic through their network, Cloudflare can prevent your site from going down if your server has issues or experiences high traffic.
  4. Analytics and insights: Cloudflare provides data about your website traffic, threats, search engine crawlers, and more.

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