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I have problem that when I enter on page www.plumcraft.pl, it redirects me to strona.plumcraft.pl (my old subdomain). How can I fix that?
I am using Bloom Host, and I stoped server to see is that domain problem, and I think it is. I mean it redirects me to strona.plumcraft.pl even when webside is stopped.

Hi @michalsliwa04,

I’m not getting recirected and can’t see the redirect you refer to. Do you have any forwarding set up under Rules → Page Rules in Cloudflare?

Nope, I don’t have any rules

I just see a blank screen here, no redirect.

when i type https://www.plumcraft.pl/ it recirects me to https://strona.plumcraft.pl/ and then I have error (Well, that page doesnt exist anymore since I have changed (wanted to change) domain to www.plumcraft.pl)

Those are all DNS that I have:

I don’t get redirected and since you have your DNS set to :grey:, it can’t be caused by Cloudflare.

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I don’t get redirected either. If you changed them recently, your DNS records may be cached by your browser, router, or ISP.

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