Why Quick Tunnels are so slow?

last night I’ve been testing Quick Tunnels, I wanted to share my web app with my friends, so after sharing it with 5-6 people, my tunnel stopped working, the tunnel was connected at my origin but the URL didn’t work and it timeout and to fix it I had to restart the tunnel.
am I doing something wrong? here’s how I connect to the tunnel cloudflared tunnel --url localhost:80 my app is behind the Nginx.
one more thing is the download speed, when I share a zip file, the download speed is capped at 100 kilobytes, is this normal?

Not sure if there is a mechanism in place to protect against file-sharing. Have you tested against HTML and media like jpeg?

There’s no capping for Tunnels that we have set on purpose anywhere. In fact, I use many Tunnels on a daily basis and download tens MiB/sec from some of them.

If you experience those problems again, can you re-run the tunnel with --protocol http2 and let us know if it made any difference?
Quick Tunnels are testing quic protocol, which we are invested in improving, but we need this kind of feedback when things go wrong (and the problem becomes obviously rooted in http2 vs quic).


thanks, using --protocol http2 fixed all of my issues. now I can send more than 5 connections without getting a timeout and the download speed is ok.

Can you help us reproduce this?
Is there a minimal reproducing example you can share from your server/origin that we can use to reproduce the problem?

We’ve got various origins being tested with quic and this is the first time we hear about this, so it’s probably not something obvious.

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