Why Page speed tools take twice to show good results for CF

Hello Support,
I enabled CF today morning with my site homemade-circuits(dot)com. I have set cache everything in the page rule.
After about 4 hours it seems the DNS has propagated well.
So when I check CF cache on developers tools I can see most of the posts giving a cache HIT.
However, when I check these same posts on various page speed tools, it gives a bad score at the first test, and then gives a good score at the second test.
So my question is despite being a cache HIT why does it take twice for the page speed tools to show good results, why doesn’t it show a good result at the first test attempt?
Thank you very much in advance!

Cloudflare has some 300+ Points of presence, each which will contain one or more colos (colocations, i.e specific datacenters), and each of which have their own cache. Without Tiered Caching or anything like that on, when you see HIT, it’s a single one of those colos having that in cache.

The most likely explanation is that the speed test tool you are using is hitting a different one of those colos, which doesn’t have it cached for the first run.

This will improve the more traffic you get, as the more colos will have your items in cache, and for longer. If your origin is slow, you could consider enabling Tiered Caching as well, Smart Tiered Caching selects a single upper tier/specific Cloudflare datacenter near your origin and all requests check local cache, and then that upper tier’s cache, and then falling back to origin if both miss. Smart Tiered Caching is available for free: Improving Origin Performance for Everyone with Orpheus and Tiered Cache


OK, got it, thanks very much for your kind reply!

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