Why open main domain on mobile and it is redirected to a subdomain

My main domain has SSL already. When i open it on mobile, it is always redirected to a sub-domain. The sub works well only.

Can you tell me why and how to set-up the domain and it sub using CDN properly?


Domain? Do you have mobile redirect configured on Cloudflare under “Speed”?

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Thanks. it tried to select the root but it is not allowed. So have to turn this off, right?

That all depends on the configuration. Whats the domain?

it is alotrip.vn

When i turn on both alotrip.vn ad app.alotrip.vn, the alotrip.vn doesnot work. Can you help with that? thanks

Opening the site on a mobile seems to show a fullscreen overlay advertising your native mobile applications, but there doesnt seem to be any redirect.

When i turn off CDN for alotrip.vn, you can open. But when i open both alotrip.vn and app.alotrip.vn then the main domain does not work.

Well, right now it was working.

Can you see http://prntscr.com/largnx
it works only with app.alotrip.vn alone. I can not open both alotrip.vn and app.alotrip.vn at the same time, why?

I am not quite sure what the problem is. I dont get a redirect for either site. Also, the redirects should only work if proxied and your hosts arent proxied.

Can you post a screenshot of the error?

It says something like too many redirect, can not open, try to clear your cookies

my root domain has SSL already on our sever. does it cause issue?

I cant reproduce that on either of your hosts. It might be a local issue with your browser.

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