Why only two origins per account in Load Balancing?

The “Billing for Cloudflare Load Balancing” page says “The $5 subscription allows you to configure 2 origins per Cloudflare account, 5 origins per pool …”

That doesn’t make sense to me – how would you ever reach 5 origins in a pool if you can only have 2 origins in the account? What am I missing?

Has anyone successfully added a third origin to their account? I can’t find any information about billing for that.

You can add extra origins to your Load Balancing subscription (I believe it’s $5/month per additional origin). There should be a “manage subscription” button in the Load Balancing dashboard.

On the other hand, raising the 5 origins per pool limit is only possible for Enterprise customers - although it’s been a while since I used Load Balancing so don’t quote me on that.

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