Why one domain works and other one not with same backend?

we tried to move our website to cloudflare but it did not work properly, so we had to move back.

so we set up a test domain ( https://www.covid19compare.com/es/products ) and tested, and also there it does not work properly. the problem is that in covid19compare.com if you change the currency, it does not update the new amounts on the page. that was a while ago, and turned off settings, but to no avail.

we used another domain ( https://www.testinternet.org/es/products ) and started with just few features (not minify js, no use of rocket etc) , and there it works. you change the currency, and updates the products in new currency.

both domains point to same webserver backend, so it is exactly the same, just covid19compare is older and we put some bad settings, but returned it back. Did a full purge both today again,

can someone see any difference and why testinternet.org is working and the other one not?

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