Why Observatory Mozilla says that Cloudflare SSL is not trustful?

https://observatory.mozilla.org/analyze/papajohns.com.ec#tls distinguishes the Let’s Encrypt SSL used by Cloudflare as an untrusted or invalid certificate. However, this is not entirely true, you can check that Cloudflare SSL is valid using https://decoder.link/sslchecker

and the Name cheap SSL on the server also is working https://decoder.link/sslchecker/papajohns.com.ec/443

and Full (strict) SSL mode is enabled

But Mozilla and Burp identified the certificate as not trusted

The Mozilla observatory is referring to a certificate that’s just expired (6am UTC today), however the site itself is currently using a new certificate issued an hour before. It seems the certificate has just updated and the Mozilla observatory has cached and is reporting on the old one.

The Mozilla observatory has now picked up the new certificate.

But from my side security protocol errors continue appearing in Observatory Mozilla

They are not errors, it just shows which ciphers are supported.


But in the introduction it says " This site uses an untrusted or invalid certificate"


No idea why it’s saying the certificate is not trusted, the one on the site seems acceptable to Safari, Chrome and Firefox and gets A+ from here…


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OK, reading around it seems that this is a commonly reported problem with the Mozilla Observatory caused by being unable to handle this…

Your site is ok, this is just a checker producing the wrong result.

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