Why no HTTP2 between CF and origin?

I read that CF doesn’t support h2 with the origin servers? Why is that? I’m sure it could speed up response times even more, especially with uncached pages and content.


Are there other features not supported with the origin? For example TLS1.3, Brotli, Quic, etc?

Optionally you can use Railgun to achieve similar benefits to HTTP/2 or SPDY between your origin and Cloudflare.

Monetize man, Railgun available only on business plan which is cost $200/monthly

QUIC might be incorporated via Argo. It is a question of time. *speculative.
With Argo you can see a lot of speed improvements.

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Yes, I assume it is to entice users to become customers. Still, I was under the impression that Railgun had many more features, like making sure only changed parts of files are sent, using persistent connections, etc.

I can promise I’ve never recommended that one of my enterprise customers (who pay well over $200 a month) use Railgun to achieve similar benefits to HTTP/2.

It’s something we’ve discussed adding and it is in our backlog. But remember our reverse proxy isn’t a browser or a single machine. So our behavior in a lot of cases is optimized in ways which are fundamentally different than what you would do for a single user browser session. In reviewing the highlighted use cases for this in our backlog none of them were end user browser related.

I’m sure the functionality will probably be added at some point.

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I asked this question about 1 and half year ago as well and got the same reply that It will be added at sometimes in future.

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