Why my website not updating to newest version from my Google Drive?


why my website is not updating properly to the newest version from my Google Drive ?
It keeps showing old version which I removed from Google Drive.
In Caching Configuration I’ve done Purge Everything multiple times but it’s not helping…

Which URLs in particular are not getting updated?

I’m seeing this:
x-cache: HIT

That means you have a cache on the server.

I also see this:
cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC

That means Cloudflare is not caching your page.

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My website has 3 pages in total, 2 updated to newest version. But this 1 still keeps showing old version:


That’s the one that showed me the x-cache HIT header. You need to purge your server’s cache.

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@sdayman is right.
Would you mind hard-reloading and see if it updates then, as I just noticed that the server/application behind Cloudflare does bypass the cache then.

But this is not related to Cloudflare, therefore clearing cache at Cloudflare does not have any effect, since it is not getting cached at Cloudflare.

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After hard-reloading with Ctrl + F5 it updated to new version on my PC, but still showing old version on the phone.
And I don’t know how other people are seeing my URL…

How to post a screenshot photo here?
Can you post here or somewhere a screenshot of how my page www.rytisjonas.ga appears to you?

And when I press just Enter to load my URL, without hard-reloading with Ctrl + F5 it comes back to old version again… I have to hard-reload it with Ctrl + F5 every time to make it load newest version…

And does anyone know how to purge drive.google.com server’s cache ?
Cause my website is hosted on Google Drive, and I can’t seem to find how to purge Google Drive server’s cache …

This header from your home page instructs caching:
cache-control: public, s-maxage=604800, max-age=604800

This will force the browser first check if the page had been updated:
cache-control: public, max-age=0, must-revalidate

Google Drive doesn’t appear to have a provision for user to set the cache-control header. Might I suggest you use Github or Gitlab and let it handle version control for you then leave the rest to Cloudflare.

I uploaded my website files to GitHub, but when trying to publish it, it’s stuck on this message for more than 3 hours now:

" Your site is ready to be published at … "

Maybe someone knows how long publishing site on GitHub can take or what to do if it’s stuck?

By the way my site with the URL straight from Google Drive loads just fine the newest version:


Only with shortened URL it loads the older version…
So I guess the problem is not with Google Drive then?

Maybe the problem could be with Freenom.com ?

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