Why my website not date

what problem do you have?

It looks like no analytics. What’s the domain?

why not data on there

can u tell us the domain?

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Your domain is not :orange: Proxied. Or you have Pause Cloudflare on your overview page at dash.cloudflare.com

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 8.38.47 PM

@sdayman , from where did u get this image

Terminal on MacOS.

must proxied? 我们移动运营商不可以访问,电信和联通的运营商是可以访问 的

If it is not proxied, then it does not go through the Cloudflare network and can not be measured.

tks,why some network cant visit him

Some networks block Cloudflare.

how to deal it

You can’t. If a government or an ISP wants to block Cloudflare, there is nothing you can do. This happens in a few countries.

If you want Cloudflare access in China, you need an expensive Enterprise plan.

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