Why My Website Loads Slower Than My Competitor's Website


I have a website. The website name is WOWTBC (https://www.wowtbc.net). I have uploaded around 300 HTML5 Games to my website. But they are loading very slowly as compared to my Competitor’s Website (https://kdata1.com). I have enabled Cache Everything. My Competitor also enabled Cache Everything so that means all requests are going through Cloudflare Network.

When I check my website and my competitor’s website using https://cloudflare-test.judge.sh Tool.

HTML5 Game:-

MY website URL - FNF: Shaggy sings [BIG SHOT]
My Competitor’s Website - FNF: Shaggy sings [BIG SHOT]

We have everything the same still his website is loading way faster than mine.

The only difference is his website is serving from a different location than mine.

Is He using any Paid plan, If Yes, Which plan he is using?

If you can help

Another good test is fastorslow.com

There’s easy no way to tell which plan a customer is using other than asking them.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide that information due to privacy reasons!

Well, the amount of the site’s content might come into play here! His site only has FNF (Friday Night Funkin), whereas your site has many other games! Since your site has more content to load than his, that might be why your’s is slower than his in terms of loading times!

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