Why my website is showing these script after configure CloudFlare CDN?


Cloudflare injects a javascript code on my website pages. For resolving the issue I have to manually remove the code from each post. Why this code is showing as previous it wasn’t. Can anyone help on this??

Error Scrrenshot:

I am not sure that is coming from Cloudflare. Can you post the URL?

Yeah sure, You can view it on https://www.iebrain.com/industry-news/

What makes you think this comes from Cloudflare?

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I am not sure about it that’s the reason i raised a query here as it occurs only after configure Cloudflare CDN. I thought it may be because of option Auto Minify. It will be very appreciable if you can provide me the solution for this.

Thank You

That code does not come from Cloudflare. It appears someone might have compromised your system in some way and managed to add their JavaScript code, which however is not executed in this context due to missing script tags. The code in question is base64 encoded and eventually executes a redirect to trenchcur.pro.

I’d suggest you have someone look at your setup and secure it properly

The website server is completely secure and i don’t think it is possible that anyone can insert code init. For any other security level can you guide me how can i secure it at it best level.

Well, in that case you must have add that JavaScript code :wink:

I am using wordpress for my website, How can i add javascript code in it and where??

I cant tell you what you added or not. If you claim your server is secure and nobody added anything it must have been you. I dont think so to be honest, but if you are convinced you are convinced ;).

I cant tell you if that code came from a posting or a comment, but fact is it somehow got there and you should remove it. Unfortunately Wordpress is somewhat beyond the scope of this forum and I’d refer you to a more appropriate forum for questions regarding how to configure Wordpress.

Hi, Sandro

As you told me it’s not because of Cloudflare then it maybe some other issue. Will try to resolve it with the help of any Wordpress support forum as well as check my server security level.
Thanks for your instant reply and valuable time. :slight_smile:

Hi we are facing another issue related to sub domain.
As i have entered subdomain on DNS page but now unable to access my sub domain ,https://iebrain.com/ppms, https://www.iebrain.com/hrm
This website cannot be accessed from your IP.
Find the error code

Neither of these two URLs are sub domains, they simply point to directories.

Anyhow, the error message comes from your server, not Cloudflare.

So how to resolve the issues.

You need to fix that on your server.

No offence, but this forum is not for general server administration but it is specific to Cloudflare.

Yes both are subdomain

I’d recommend to hire someone or to look for advice on an appropriate forum.