Why my website is not protected by ddos ​​protection? i already activate mode i'am under attack

hallo, my revelation.
I’m a google cloud platform user.
i have vps in gcp.
inside the vps I install cpanel.
and cpanel I have installed Cloudflare plugin.
my domain mysch.id I integrate with Cloudflare.
I tried to attack my own website with goldeneye ddos ​​tool.
but why my server can still down?

before ddos

At this moment, your site is not using Cloudflare. Did you update your Name Servers with your Domain Registrar?

i use partial zone type

All those entries show that “Use Cloudflare” is turned off.

for subdomain i turn of
but for main domain turn on

That doesn’t change the fact that mysch.id is not being served through Cloudflare.

According to the response headers, there are no Cloudflare headers and the server is LiteSpeed.