Why My web address resolves to ip located in USA, when server is in Europe

Our server is in Europe but if I ping/trace the domain it resolves to USA IP addresses. But why not a server in Europe? We’re using the Business package.

I’m trying to understand the reason for WebSocket disconnections. The project is running on Socket.io. Could that be the reason for the high latencies?


https://yoursite.com/cdn-cgi/trace to see which cloudflare COLO you are being routed to

All Cloudflare edge IPs are registered in the US, but that does not mean that it is being hosted there

Edit: 2020-04-24 Correction: CF worker internal ips (ipv6) are registered in the UK

Oh that is interesting info thanks for that.
But I’m trying to understand this;
Requests are from EU, then it goes to US then all the way back to EU to get result?
Isn’t that going to effect the socket performance? I mean, CDN wise we don’t have any issues but for socket this request goes all around the world twice?

Why do you think your requests are going to the US?

What COLO are you being routed to?

(and if you believe trans-atlantic counts as “around the world” then you are very mistaken!)

It is LAX I forgot to enable VPN again from my location which is LA, returns LAX, from Switzerland its ZRH.

No I don’t believe that, I’m just exaggerating to make my point.

So I think I’m mistaken about how it works. I just tried to understand that by using tracert method and I checked location of the last IP, this is how I concluded that my requests might be routed from USA which is

Cloudflare is an Anycast network https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/cdn/glossary/anycast-network/

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Thank you I’m reading it, I know a bit about it, but I don’t know the part how it works when the case is a socket connection, is it any different?
Data centers shouldn’t make a different much right? (There is nothing to cache in CDN) Because request has to go to original server anyway.

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For a brief overview:

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