Why my ssl sertificate didn't work? I do all things

Hi. I am doing all steps for ssl but its didn’t work at. Also in my account its says ssl is activate but it’s not. I am installed ssl plugging also installed clodflare ssl but it’s didn’t work yet. Now what can i do?

Do you have a certificate on your server? Whats the domain?

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My domain is whatevagaming.ga
In cloud flare its show that my sertificate is active.

Flexible is bad choice and should be “Full strict” instead.

Also, the question was regarding your server certificate. Do you have one configured?

Furthermore, you dont have any DNS records configured on Cloudflare for the time being.


I am new in this. I saw YouTube videos and do that… I don’t know how to set that things. Also i am not paid user i have free Cloudflare.
Can you please help me to how to do this properly?

Aside from Cloudflare is your site currently reachable via HTTPS, directly from your host?

Idk about this sorry. Because i don’t have knowledge about it.

A good opportunity to build knowledge :slight_smile:

Ok tell me what can i do now? Tell in steps so i can follow them.

Please check out https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/categories/200275218

Most of your question are answered over there.

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