Why my site keep making 520 error

Hi! I hope you are doing well. Actually I am a lawyer and I own a website https://mandslawyers.com.au/. The website is pretty mature but it’s been a few days i am facing the same problem. When I open my site on cloud flare it keeps loading and eventually shows 502 errors. I have checked everything from my end but didn’t understand the root cause.
Please help me resolve this issue.

This is definitely a problem that is ongoing. I saw on another threat that has closed that this issue was solved but it hasn’t been solved for everyone. I doubt it is a server issue on my side but of course I am checking my logs now. The issue is, it started around the same time it was reported and this is the first time EVER that I have had such errors on my domain(s).

I will try to purge my cache on all my sites, lets see if that does anything first. I have already tried to enable and disable the DNS on one site(testing) but it didn’t change anything after I enabled cloudflare, I wait about 10 minutes.

I am sure if CloudFlare checks their logs, they will still see an increase in 520 errors.

Yes, there is an issue without a fix currently. It happened around WordPress 5.8 update. GoDaddy Managed WordPress are randomly affected. Some of my sites work fine and others are nonstop 52X errors.

It is not good. I was booted from Google Adsense. There is no chance of getting back Adsense, especiallywith their new violation policy that rolled out last month.

I spent 2 weeks troubleshooting and banging my head into the desk 14 hours a day. I knew better, but didn’t trust myself and paid the price.

Cloudflare is aware and will have a fix soon, I hope.

My recommendation, if you move your site over to Cloudflare DNS with default settings, and it gets 520 errors after waiting 48 hours for propagation, don’t beat yourself to death troubleshooting. Go back to GoDaddy lame CDN and DNS for a.little bit longer. Btw, it has taken that long to propagate in the past 2 weeks.

Don’t waste your time, energy, or precious SEO loss, just a wait on Cloudflare to fix, whatever GoDaddy broke.( Only thing that stands out to me, Securi implemented a new network with new IP ranges).

Good luck.

After years of using Cloudflare I started having the same problem with at least two of my sites on WPEngine. I found out when someone I was talking to on the phone couldn’t get to my site.

I upgraded Cloudflare to get support but that was not helpful. Cloudflare suppport and WPEngine support think it’s the other’s problem.

Rather than moving my sites from WPEngine, I paused Cloudflare for the two sites and I thought I would just stop using Cloudflare.

I have a third site also on WPEngine and all three use the same theme. I am not aware of errors on the third site but I really don’t know if it is giving errors. The third site is still on Cloudflare for the moment. Can someone tell me how I can find out if that third site is giving errors?

I also have other sites with different themes and I wonder if they are giving errors.

I posted a link to all 3 of my sites mentioned but the post was flagged as spam even though another post in this thread has a link to his site.

@phil4, welcome to the club! Here’s the main thread dedicated to the problem: Sometimes a CF 520 error

Cloudflare Ray ID is different everytime you visit the site, it’s never the same!

Same it loads for me too!

Could you tell me, what steps can trigger the 520 error, cause I’m not getting it

Also, follow these steps to fix the 520 error
Error 520 occurs when the origin server returns an empty, unknown, or unexpected response to Cloudflare.


A quick workaround while further investigating 520 errors is to either grey cloud the DNS record in the Cloudflare DNS app or temporarily pause Cloudflare.

Contact your hosting provider or site administrator and request a review of your origin web server error logs for crashes and to check for these common causes:

  • Origin web server application crashes
  • Cloudflare IPs not allowed at your origin
  • Headers exceeding 32 KB (typically due to too many cookies)
  • An empty response from the origin web server that lacks an HTTP status code or response body
  • Missing response headers or origin web server not returning proper HTTP error responses

520 errors are prevalent with certain PHP applications that crash the origin web server.

If 520 errors continue after contacting your hosting provider or site administrator, provide the following information to Cloudflare Support:

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Cloudflare Status - Elevated 520 errors on Free Zones is now resolved.

If you are still receiving 520s, they are likely caused by an issue on your origin server. Please follow the guidance in the #CommunityTip and Support Center.