Why my site cannot be reached without www?

Recently I have added my site to cloudflare. After adding this I check my site. But I cannot reach to my site without www. Before adding my site everything was ok. What I can do now?

Did you add a record for www? I’d recommend just doing a CNAME with the value @. This will point to your apex domain (example.com) so it can be served from the same location

What I have to write in the Target Section?

Sorry I meant the @ should be in the target section and name should be www

It’s showing this error

Ok so yes it does exist. It’s pointing to ghs.google.com currently which looks like Google Sites.`

Also, I apologize. I misread your post, I thought it said “with www” you couldn’t access. My fault.

So, from Googling around, Google Sites uses a CNAME so it usually won’t work on an apex domain (no CNAME can be on an apex domain without flattening). What I suggest then instead is simply redirecting from apex example.com to www.example.com

You can do it like so:

Once you have the Page Rule setup it should work right away.

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