Why my pages have 308 code?

Why some of my pages are redirected with 308?
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Some examples:

www.ilmosaicodanza.it ← 200 OK
www.ilmosaicodanza.it/dance-workout/ ← 200 OK
www.ilmosaicodanza.it/contact-us ← 308 Permanent redirect

www.ilmosaicodanza.it/tags/cante-flamenco ← 308 Permanent redirect
www.ilmosaicodanza.it/tags/danza ← 308 Permanent redirect

Notice that almost pages with “/tags/” are redirected… and don’t understand why.

After reading many threads in forum, i’m happy with trailing slash, but not with redirect 308. How can I get rid from this? Maybe skipped or lost something in configuration?


Unfortunately there’s no simple solution to this today. See some of these various topics where it has been discussed before:

@cherryjimbo I’ve read, but they want to get rid from trailing slash; I’m fine with trailing slash. Was hoping this can do some difference.

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