Why my hostname (gymxbl.com) is part of a banned domain and has been deleted?

Hello, when I found out today that one of my domain names gymxbl.com has been deleted by Cloudflare, before that, I used my friend’s Cloudflare partner to access the Cloudflare network.
Now, I use the SaaS function to access Cloudflare again, and I am told:
The hostname is part of a banned domain. This web property cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time. If you are an Enterprise customer, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Otherwise, please email [email protected] with the name of the web property and a detailed explanation of your association with this web property.
How can I provide the name of the network asset and a detailed description of your association with the network asset?
I am the owner of a personal website, I hope to continue to use Cloudflare services, and my previous domain name ilolita.cn has also been deleted, I want to know why, and whether my current domain name iloli.xin will also be deleted.
This is translated by Google and may contain some translation errors.

Hello there,

Follow up the conversation with the TS team through email as you’ve already mentioned:

There’s nothing community can do about it.


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