Why my email was already registered, if I don't remember that I have register a Cloudflare account

Hello, I am new in Cloudflare, I was going to register, but for some reason, when I completed the registration form, it said that my email was already registered, which I don’t remember and there seem to be no other emails from Cloudflare in my mailbox, so what happened?, I don’t understand, I don’t remember creating an account before, I recovered the password, but I still don’t understand how this happened.

That’s a good start. Are there any domains in your account? If so, do they look familiar? The account could have been set up by a third party hosting partner.


You might have worked earlier with someone who used provided e-mail to register Cloudflare account for you. As usage of Cloudflare is common these day, nothing to worry. Simply reset the password.

Yes, I saw a family domain, but I didn’t remember putting it here, but when I read your answer, I thought that would be the most logical thing, that a hosting partner had done that, but, I didn’t know they could do it.
So, thank you!.

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