Why my domains are deleted for no reason? Re: [Cloudflare]: domain xxxx.ga has been deleted

f the zone was deleted in error, then it can be re-added to reinstate existing configuration of the zone.
If you believe this was due to an unauthorized action, please contact [email protected].

The zone: “xxxx.ge” in account: “[email protected]” was deleted by [email protected] on 2021-08-24T20:25:20.322025Z

Emailed to cloudflare support and they have mentioned the ticket has been resolved.

How to restore deleted domain?

Are both of those email addresses the same? And is that your account’s email address?

Dear Sdayman, yes, you are right. Its very strange :frowning:

I suggest you change your password, make sure you’re using 2FA, and Change your Global API key.

After that, you can re-add your domain. It will probably come back with all previous settings restored.

One stupid question: your subject mentions domain xxxx.ga has been deleted, while the body of your article says domain xxxx.ge.

Which one is it?

There is a very good explanation for a .ga domain having been deleted.

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