Why my domain says:Warning: Suspected Phishing Site Ahead!

Hello everyone!
I resolve my domain name to github so that I can easily access github, but why does Cloudflare prompt: Warning: Suspected Phishing Site Ahead!
This had a big impact on me.
However, I don’t have an actual web server, my domain name just acts as a redirect.
Can you review it for me?

I can’t replicate your issue. I get a GitHub 404 error when connecting to your website. Searched in Phishtank and the site isn’t marked as phishing. What DNS servers are you using? Thanks.

https://whidc.net/ goes to google.com so I’m not surprised this was flagged.
You should have an email from Trust & Safety. Fix your domain showing Google and then respond saying you’ve resolved it.

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I just want to access google a little easier. Because my country cannot access google normally.

Wrong place to do that. It definitely looks like a phishing site when you just go to Google.

It sounds like the proxy is just for your own personal use, so you can just click the button to ignore the warning and continue to the site.

How can I do that,please?
I want from my domain name visit google,only. :frowning:
Thanks so much!

It’s okay to do this, but it gives the impression of a phishing site even though it’s not actually a phishing site.

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