Why my domain is not correctly propagating to the new ip

My domain and website (shivasubba.com)are hosted on Godaddy but to use the SSL features of Cloudflare I have to change my DNS server. After implementing SSL I noticed my FTP was not working hence I contacted Godaddy with this issues.
They referred and says the A name of my server is not properly pointing to the right server.
Current my A name is pointing to
The issue is the IP is showing the correct address but not propagating to the ip.

This is correct and intended (And GoDaddy should know this from my point of view) as long as your record (s) are set to :orange:

  • Cloudflare is a proxy which hides your origin Ip. So nslookup will show an address from the networks below.
  • Since Cloudflare does only proxy HTTP/HTTPS you can’t connect via other protocols like FTP, SSH, SMTP and so on. If you want to connect to your ftp via a hostname, create a new A record. As follows:

Name: ftp
Type: A
Proxy mode: off (click on the :orange: cloud to change it to :grey: )
Now you can connect to your FTP server via FTP.yourdomain.com

Or use your GoDaddy IP instead of a hostname.

Cloudflare’s net ranges:

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