Why must I pay to downgrade?

Subject says it all…

Had a domain under a Business Plan and wanted to downgrade to Pro Plan. No issues with Cloudflare services - I love them by the way. We’d migrated all core hosts/services from that domain to a different Cloudflare domain under a Business Plan, so we no longer needed Business Plan services for that domain.

Tried to downgrade, and the final “popup” in the downgrade process wanted me to pay $20.00 to downgrade, even though I had a paid Business Plan subscription. Per the Cloudflare terms (https://www.cloudflare.com/terms/), “Following any cancellation, however, you will continue to have access to the Paid Services through the end of your current Subscription Term.” Since downgrading a paid plan (at any point in time) will continue the services provided by that original plan level through the end of the current Subscription Term, there should never be payment due upon downgrade - the fee for the downgraded plan will be charged at the beginning of the next Subscription Term.

Submitted support ticket #2652744 regarding the issue. After back and forth on that ticket, stopped receiving responses. After 2 explicit requests for responses on that ticket with no feedback, submitted ticket #2671425 requesting escalation. That escalation request was closed 4 hours and 19 minutes after I submitted it, with no actual response - other than the Cloudflare Support Team (Bot).

Finally received response on the original support ticket from the original agent. After some additional messages back and forth, was charged (without approval for such charge) a pro-rated fraction of the $20.00 mentioned earlier, our domain was “force downgraded” to Pro Plan, and the support agent “resolved” the ticket by issuing a credit that does not cover the cost of the additional Business Plan payments that we were charged while the ticket was being processed - almost 41 days from filing the ticket to “resolution”.

I posted detailed information on 2023-02-02 in my response to Cloudflare’s request for me to rate my support experience, including my calculations justifying why I believe we’re owed a larger credit. Have not received any response to that.

I would much rather handle this with private communications, but someone at Cloudflare has made it abundantly clear (by their actions with ticket #2671425) that non-Enterprise customers have no escalation capabilities. As Cloudflare regularly touts how they own up to their mistakes, and tries to capitalize on their transparency, I would greatly appreciate some public, transparent acknowledgement of this issue.

Sorry to hear you feel your request is not being handled in a satisfactory manner.

I can see our team has followed further on ticket #2652744 please feel free to reply there and our billing team can assist further.

Hi Andrew,

I’ve replied to you on ticket #2652744 regarding this case.

Feel free to reach out to me via Customer Support if you have further questions :slight_smile:

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