Why might a ssl cert show as expired when it hasnt?

I have multiple CF sites all on the free package. This morning one of them was down with an error

Just a note to let you know your site https://www.southwestsportsmassage.co.uk/ is currently not responding to our monitoring, and therefore is probably DOWN, and has been since 2022-02-03 00:05:13 UTC.

The error message was: RequestError: certificate has expired The current status we see is: CERT_HAS_EXPIRED

So that is about 2 hours till i spotted it but now it seems to be working. the cert is showing that it doesnt expire until August?

Your server certificate expired and you need to renew that.

The fact that your site is loading at all suggests that you also have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare and an insecure site.

Ok thanks i have lots of other sites setup the same way and have been for years, this has never happened before. The server people say it is an issue with Cloudflare and vice versa. I have changed it to Full (strict) so the site is down completely and asked the server support to investigate

Yeah, they

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