Why it says to change the Name Server although I have already changed it?



I have registered my site a year ago. And I am configuring my DNS through CloudFlare. My domain is registered is Nepali domain i.e ‘.com.np’.

I have changed my nameservers as suggested by CloudFlare. My site also works fine. But the problem is in showing pending nameservers from more than 6 months in CloudFlare. So my site is still inactive in CloudFlare although it works fine. For this reason, after certain months CloudFlare automatically removes my site so that I have to add the DNS configuration from the first step. This is what I am doing.

In CloudFlare, it says to remove the third nameserver and I have also done that from domain provider site. But CloudFlare still shows the third nameserver. When I checked the nameservers from Nepali Site, it shows only two nameservers as suggested to change by CloudFlare.

Exactly, where is the error? I could not find whether in CloudFlare or in Nepali domain provider. I want to request to CloudFlare to change my site poudelmadhav.com.np to active manually because it is working correctly.


Have you opened a Support Ticket?
login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


Thank u, I will mail to cloudflare support.