Why isn't SSL working for my site?


Why isn’t SSL working for my site www.belka.market? I changed my domain DNS servers to Cloudflare nameservers. I got SSL. SSL is active - I see Universal SSL Status in my Cloudflare dashboard. I using Flexible SSL. I set up Always use HTTPS and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites. Additionaly I asked and got Origin Certificate which instaled on virtual hosting of my hosting provider. Now my site is avaliable by http, but unavaliable by https. Google Chrome 69 sees Cloudflare Origin Certificate, but report that can not find the certificate provider (report is not clear that certificate issued TO Cloudflare Origin Certificates).



Hm that’s an odd one. You’re probably going to have to contact support directly. : login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.


Currently you are not tunnelling your requests through Cloudflare. Thats why you get the unknown certificate error, as the origin certificate is only trusted by Cloudflare.

You need to switch all the applicable DNS entries (most likely www and your naked domain) from :grey: to :orange:.


I configured the tunneling and the certificate began to work.
Thank you!


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