Why isn't regex working?

I created a policy in Cloudflare Zero Trust to block domains that match the regex of


But I can still access websites like rarbg.to
I tried the follow regex, but it still didn’t work


How can I fix this?

Works fine on my end. Have you created a DNS policy as seen below?

Are the domains blocked if you use DoH?

$ curl -H 'accept: application/dns-json' 'https://<gateway_subdomain>.cloudflare-gateway.com/dns-query?name=rarbg.to'
    "Status": 0,
    "TC": false,
    "RD": true,
    "RA": true,
    "AD": false,
    "CD": false,
    "Question": [
            "name": "rarbg.to",
            "type": 1
    "Answer": [
            "name": "rarbg.to",
            "type": 1,
            "TTL": 60,
            "data": ""

Thank you, Albert. It’s working now. I think it was a glitch or something.

Policies can take a few minutes to update when using WARP. I’ve found that saving the policy change, waiting 10 seconds and then running warp-cli disconnect && warp-cli rotate-keys && warp-cli connect causes policies to be applied immediately.


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