Why isn't my A record redirecting to my VPC?

I have an A record that is pointing to my VPC or DigitalOcean Droplet. It isn’t redirecting and it comes up with the normal Cloudflare web server down error. How can I fix this?

Try setting that DNS record to :grey: DNS Only, then give it five minutes to propagate. Once that’s done, make sure the server is working properly with HTTPS.


I have a question, what does it mean to proxy and why is it affecting my A record?

Proxying is what Cloudflare does to protect and optimize your website.


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Could I turn it back on after? If not, how can I protect it if it does that?

First thing’s first. Make sure your site works properly with HTTPS before using Cloudflare.

How could I do that?

Digital Ocean has tons of tutorials to help you get your server and site set up properly.

Alright Ill check that

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