Why is this so difficult? I bought a URL and it 'cannot find' in PING or query

Bought www.thebikepimp.com. I created ONE rule to forward to an IG account, but it’s still not even registered in the DNS when I PING it. I waited 8 hours, nothing. Tried toggling various options like ‘flattening,’ etc. Waited some more for it to propagate. No change. WHY IS IT NOT EVEN IN THE DNS database???
It’s registered in WHOIS database.
I’ve been on a bunch of other registrars and it’s never this complicated.

I have other URLs I transferred here that I set up to forward and they forward just fine. (Just so you know I’m not an idiot here.)

You need to create a proxied DNS record for the name that you want to forward.

If the URL is only for forwarding, you can for example use a proxied AAAA record with name www and value 100::

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Thanks for answering. So I’m at that section and I add the info and click ‘save’ it keeps telling me ‘Valid IPv4’ or ‘Valid IPv6 address is required.’ (Where is the value 100 option?)
What am I doing wrong and why is this so complicated?

You need to enter 100:: (or any IPv6, really) into the IPv6 field.

Ok it took that… I’m giving it an hour or so to propagate…

What is your redirect/page rule? Right now I can see the AAAA record, but there is no redirect for thebikepimp.com yet.

Thanks for helping me out on this… How / where do I check this on my own in the future?

Your page Rule is for the www subdomain (www.thebikepimp.com), but your DNS record is for @ (thebikepimp.com).

Do you want to redirect both, or just the www subdomain?

Oh I wanted to redirect both thanks.

BTW… PING request still doesn’t find the URL.Or do I just need to wait longer?

Ohhh you’re right… just thebikepimp.com returns a ping

If you want to redirect both, you will need to create

For the page rule, you can try changing the URL to *thebikepimp.com/*, though I’m not 100% sure this works. If it doesn’t, I can explain how to do this with a Redirect Rule instead.

Still stumped,

You are still entering @ for the name, not www.

Ahh I didn’t even know that was a thing. Looks like this now:

Have you changed the Page Rule yet?

I can see that the redirect for www.thebikepimp.com is now working.

I haven’t changed the page rule, it’s still set to what it was in the image I previously sent… What am I supposed to change?


Thanks, ok done… just waiting…

That doesn’t seem to work. The root domain now redirects, but not the subdomain.

Can you disable the Page Rule and instead create a Redirect Rule like this?

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Where is that screen? Not seeing it in DNS config or page rules…